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Monday, March 26, 2012 @ 12:31 AM
I felt like never breathing again.
I don't know what the hell is happening to me. It's almost one month and still I made the same mistake over and over again. I don't know and I guess I deproved alot? This is lame. Firstly, I cannot patch my audi and that is sucks. I tried so many times but still the patch is not working. The small popup keep come out and it says "Unable to download". Like what the fcuk? Okay, I'm not really pro in this but how to patch sia? I only know how to auto patch but not the manual one. I tried to find a manual one but then. Iskk. I don't know la. It's not working. Damn. Anyone? Fix it for me please? Please? Then, this morning I had bad traffic jam and luckily I reach at the office, 8.45am. I didn't have time to take my breakfast and thanks to mum btw. She goreng keropok lekor and I bring it along. Breakfast dengan keropok lekor? Oh gay. Haha. This morning hujan and I cannot go to the clinic so I decided to go there after lunch. Maybe? But wait. Later jadi macam semalam. I went to the clinic after lunch, around 2.30 something like that? Then, I said I wanna see the doctor and blablabla and nice la. The doctor went out for lunch and she will be back at 3.30pm. WTF? So, I learnt my lesson. Before that, I called the clinic and I ask is doctor around then the nurse said doctor went out for lunch and be back at 2.30pm. Okay, that is nice. So, at 2.30 I went to Primecare and guess what? I'm allergic to dust . So, yeah. Today I kena again. I was like "Could you please.. For once, listen what I'm saying?" but you never give me the chance! And how I wanna proof that is not even my fault? What the heck la. This whole day, I can't stop cursing people! They just LOVEEEEEE to pissed me off! Everytime got problem, sure Joe's fault. Cam sial kan? Okay, I know that I am noob and like come on la. I still new kot? So you guys pun kena la teach me with the right procedure kan? Okay right now, I STRESS WITH MY JOB. Fullstop! ღ~ڸ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱl~ღ
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